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Top Reasons a Cloud-Based System Is The Superior Choice

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Top Reasons for a Cloud Based Security System

There are valid reasons why organizations are increasingly leaving behind analog CCTV (closed-circuit television) systems for newer, cloud-based security platforms. As more facilities embrace the adoption of IoT (internet of things) and smart building devices, CCTV system users are lagging behind. 

With advancements in video surveillance technology, there’s more reason than ever to make the transition from an analog CCTV system to cloud-based IP (Internet Protocol) technology. Upgrading video surveillance to deter theft and reduce liability with these new innovative solutions means there are significant advantages over legacy DVR systems. 

There are several reasons to consider a cloud-based surveillance solution, especially in commercial and industrial applications. 


Better Field of View & Higher Resolution Image Quality

High Definition (HD) resolution IP cameras give you higher quality footage, providing greater detail than anything possible with an analog-based CCTV system. The best CCTV surveillance camera images are worse than the lowest quality digital IP cameras. 

Wider visual coverage is possible with IP cameras, along with options for tilt, zoom and 360-degree dome cameras. This means you can get the same coverage with fewer cameras.

One properly placed IP camera can do the work of two analog cameras. 

Users can easily monitor multiple cameras, zoom in or out on points of interest, and playback recorded footage to review incidents and key events. 


More Secure Data Storage of Video Recordings

With today’s privacy laws, secure video storage matters. Regulatory compliance related to handling sensitive data can be achieved with greater ease using cloud storage. 

All recorded images are stored in a way that maintains the integrity of the image and limits the number of users with access. 

Video security footage uploaded directly to the cloud and housed in enterprise-class data centers means there’s no need for you to purchase or maintain DVRs or other antiquated on-site storage devices. Because video is stored off-site, your recordings are also protected from physical damage or hardware defects that sometimes happen with an on-premise DVR, providing you with greater reliability to your video evidence. 


Remote Access & Multi-Site Monitoring

Wherever you are, enjoy greater peace of mind and convenience knowing that your business is safe, and operations are running smoothly. By leveraging the power of cloud access, you can view live Video Surveillance and recorded video from any web-enabled device including your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. You can view multiple cameras and locations from a single application. An effective solution for greater management reach distributed across franchise locations and multi-site, extending visibility across company-wide operations. 

Cloud-based systems also save on the cost of purchasing and maintaining a DVR or server for each location, further reducing the cost of the deployment. Eliminating expenses such as DVR or server purchasing and maintenance costs for each location, makes cloud-based platforms the more economical choice. 

These same factors also mean that scaling up systems to new locations is easier than ever. 


Easier Installation and Maintenance

Professionally trained ProNet technicians will install your system and provide you with on-site assistance to ensure functionality, reliability and optimization. 

When you’re system is cloud-based, there’s no need for IT personnel to help maintain or troubleshoot on-premise servers. 

Product enhancements that become newly available are automatically delivered to your system without impacting operations, so you can immediately benefit from new software features to enhance performance.


Increase Efficiency, Streamline Processes & Stay Ahead

Analog is becoming increasingly more difficult to repair with parts becoming harder to come by and these systems can’t integrate with other IoT connected technologies. Cloud-based systems can integrate more seamlessly with other security system layers such as Intrusion Systems, Fire Alarms and Access Control.  

The more connected your system, the more you can take advantage of sophisticated tools such as analytics software, Facial Recognition and Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs. AI-based tools reduce the chance for human error or oversight giving you a better chance of preventing unauthorized, unsafe or criminal activity.  

With Cloud-Based Solutions, powerful software provides real-time alerts and enhanced search capabilities. Quickly search video surveillance footage by motion, face detection or other fields. 

These new methods are significantly faster than security officers manually searching through footage.


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