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Remotely-Hosted Security System Monitoring

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Remotely-Hosted Security System Monitoring

Imagine someone has broken into your store through the back door, and they got away with some of your valuable assets. You took the proper measures before the event by implementing a security system comprised of security cameras, motion sensors, and alarms to notify you and authorities of such events. However, after further investigation, it’s discovered that your cameras and sensors were operating just fine – but your alarms malfunctioned – so you and the authorities weren’t notified until after the fact. Technology isn’t always perfect. This failure could’ve been easily prevented had your system been monitored for performance and functionality. At ProNet Security Solutions, we are proud to offer remotely-hosted security network health and status monitoring to our customers. 

What is remote security system monitoring?

Remote monitoring is when a business or facility’s security system’s network is continually being supervised, controlled, and accessed by an offsite management service provider. In terms of security, the primary function of remote network monitoring is to continuously monitor a security system network for underperforming or failing components and to notify the network administrator in case of any issues. Some remotely monitored network components could include access control or video surveillance software, cameras, access control controllers, intrusion systems, or any other network device or software you want to have monitored.

What can remote monitoring mean for you?

With remotely-hosted monitoring, you’ll always know when one of your security devices or software components is underperforming or failing in its capacity to secure your business or facility. Some functions service providers may be able to perform remotely include the ability to install new or updated software (such as updates, patches, or custom configurations), observe managed device and software behaviors for diagnostic tasks and performance, and install and configure devices like security cameras, sensors, or access control devices. This is a service that can be deployed into physically hosted machines or a virtual environment.

Here’s what ProNet can offer you:

With our remotely-hosted monitoring, we’ll provide you with the following services:

  • Monitor the availability and uptime of network devices.
  • Check performance metrics such as CPU and RAM usage of servers and computers.
  • Monitor custom web application functionality.


We want to help you learn more about how remotely-hosted security network health and status monitoring will help you monitor and maintain your security system network. ProNet Security Solutions provides the highest level of monitoring services available, but we also have true redundancy in our Central Station for the ultimate in security. If a local, regional, or statewide emergency (tornado, hurricane power outage, etc.), your calls will be routed to an area that is not being affected, so you won’t experience any interruption in call service. We’ve served a sophisticated and specialized clientele with high-security needs for over 30 years. With ProNet Security Solutions, we’ll make sure that you’re provided with comprehensive 24/7/365 UL-Listed Monitoring that meets your business needs.

Contact us today at 1-888-577-6832 for more information.

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