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5 Ways a Commercial Security System Increases Value

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5 Ways A Commercial Security System Increases Value

If you’re thinking about selling your business or commercial property now or sometime in the future, you’ve probably thought about ways you can add value and sell at a higher price. Security systems can add value by:


1. Business Continuity

Real estate and property management professionals understand that potential tenants and buyers carefully review statistics involving crime, fire, natural disasters and other calamities that may affect business continuity. Properties with comprehensive security systems can deter, detect and prevent crime and respond to and recover from emergencies better than those without such systems, making them a smarter business investment.

With increases in civil unrest such as rioting, looting and other violence, a security system for your business or commercial property has never been more justified. Terrorist attacks and organized crime are also more likely to target commercial property.

Tornados rage across the great plains of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas and when there’s a natural disaster, looting usually follows as a result of broken or easier access to valuables that need protecting during a vulnerable time.


2. Perceived Value 

A security system increases the perceived value of the property. Business members and visitors that visit secure properties gain a better impression, which leads to higher market valuations. Buildings that appear impenetrable with systems that include smart access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection increase the property value by making the property more attractive to potential tenants and buyers. 

Simply having visible security system devices such as video cameras, reduces the chance of a crime being committed. 

These features also lower insurance premiums for tenants, which also makes your property more attractive to prospects. 


3. Cutting Edge Protection 

When new buildings begin construction, it means they’ll be obligated to adhere to the latest fire and life safety regulations, which means occupants will be protected by the most cutting-edge equipment. Existing facilities can compete by retrofitting to newer, more modern systems. 

Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma each have unique commercial real estate requirements that ProNet has expertise in implementing.


4. Increasing Operational Efficiencies 

Managing a large-scale commercial property goes beyond just securing the premises and its occupants; it also means filling vacancies, negotiating and enforcing leases and many other duties. Security in a commercial application needs to go beyond just making occupants feel safe and protected. Comprehensive security system design will extend beyond typical vulnerabilities to include some focus on productivity and cost-efficiency. 

  • Security systems that are designed to work in unison with HVAC systems can reduce energy costs to minimal needed levels. 
  • A large retail organization, on the order of 20,000 to 40,000 square feet, can lose nearly $500,000 to $1 million annually due to internal and external theft. In this application, the security system would pay for itself in theft reduction savings. 
  • Advanced security systems are known to lower insurance rates, sometimes as low as 20%, which is a significant reduction in operating costs. 


5. Increasing Income 

A multi-family residential property that has 200+ apartment units can add value and make their offer more attractive to potential tenants with both a security system for the entire premises as well as each individual unit, resulting in the ability to command higher rent returns. Commercial office space can apply this same tactic. 

The best way to add value to your commercial property with a security system is with a tailored solution from an expert provider that is knowledgeable about your region, your tenant requirements and their respective visitors, along with other important areas of consideration. 


ProNet Security 

Proudly serves Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma with 30 years of experience. Complete security solutions including Video Surveillance, Intrusion, Access Control, Fire Alarms, UL 681 and 2050 certified, Cloud-based solutions and 24-hour UL Listed Monitoring. From healthcare to financial institutions, government, cannabis, jewelry and more. 24/7 client support provided.

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