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4 reasons your commercial space needs video surveillance

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Video Surveillance for Commercial Spaces

4 Reasons Your Commercial Space Needs Video Surveillance

From educational institutions to hospitals to top secret government facilities. Every vertical has its own unique security challenges. 

Defining a site as Commercial brings a diverse range of sub-categories, as anything not residential could be considered commercial. Some of those sub-categories could include: 

– Retail; from strip malls to mega outlets 

– Office Space; from high-rise buildings to professional office parks that look more like strip malls without windows 

– Restaurants

– Hotels, Motels & Resorts

– Multi-use, mixed properties 


On an even more granular level, retail could include Jewelry or Cannabis, which have their own set of unique security and safety challenges. 

Video surveillance is a basic element of any security and safety system. Experts, like ProNet Security, can choose the most strategically effective placement for both indoor and outdoor camera mounting. Once cameras have been installed and connected to the video management software they can monitor for motion, activity, generate alerts, transmit and store footage. 

There’s multiple benefits why you should consider having a video component to your overall security system. Here are the most common and important reasons why:


1. Crime Prevention

A business is 4 times more likely to be burglarized than a residential property. 

Criminal activity can come in many forms. From theft, both internal and external to break-ins, with or without theft to fraud and mischief. Even a single incident of vandalism costs on average $3,370 according to the SBA.  

In many cases, simply having visible security cameras improves the perception of security, deterring criminals into moving on to softer targets. Burglars and vandals are opportunistic, they target businesses that are more vulnerable and shy away from visible security cameras. Visible cameras can also deter employees from engaging in internal theft or fraud. 


2. Safety 

Commercial sites may seem like safe places, but accidents can happen anywhere. Occupants trip and fall, enter unauthorized areas and they sometimes inflict injury upon each other. Video surveillance can increase the level of safety provided to all employees and visitors. Similar to having visible cameras to deter crime, they can also improve the perception of concern for safety and show both employees and customers that you care about their wellbeing. 


3. Adds Value  

Many small business owners and investors don’t even start building a business until they’ve got their exit figured out first. Already having video surveillance equipment in place can add value to your overall business in the event of a sale or exit. It shows that you took every precaution to protect the assets of your organization and keep everyone involved in operations safe. 

Not only does a video surveillance system add value to your business in the event of a sale, but it’ll also allow for you to scale up operations. When your business grows, video can give you leverage in the form of ‘being in two (or more) places at once.’ Some aspects of business operations can be managed remotely with the proper video equipment in place. 


4. Documentation

Video can be one of several methods that can record business operations and activity. 

How many visitors walked through your doors, what merchandise was moved and where, and of course the recording of financial transactions. 

Video can also provide evidence and be used as a tool for recovery, which can aid law enforcement during criminal investigations. Footage can be stored for a period of time, just in case crimes are discovered after they occur, video images can be used to confirm an event. 

Some insurance brokers may discount policies if video surveillance is actively used. And in the event of a safety incident or other insurance claim, footage can be used as a means to release reliability on the part of the business. 

In the unfortunate event of a lawsuit, video documentation presented can verify fault in regards to:

– Accidents

– Injuries

– Fraud

– Harassment

– Other legal issues


Where security cameras are placed and how footage is stored is guided by different privacy laws which vary from state to state. In some areas of your business, signage may need to be posted notifying of recording. ProNet can guide your business through this process to keep your organization compliant. 

ProNet is trusted in a variety of commercial applications including general office space, retail, healthcare, jewelry, cannabis and more. A UL certified Integrator with over 30 years of experience in High Security Alarm Applicationse, serving Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma, with 24/7 monitoring and customer service.

Contact us today at 1-888-577-6832 for more information.

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