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Signs Your System Isn’t Functioning Properly

By ProNet Security Tips Comments Off on Signs Your System Isn’t Functioning Properly

Signs Your Security System Isn't Functioning Properly

Your security system is responsible for protecting so many important things: your business, staff, home, family and even yourself. 

What if your security system is secretly non-functional? 

The worst part about having a system that may not be working is not knowing it isn’t working. System failures can be sudden, unexpected and possibly undetectable to the untrained layman. A faulty security system can put everything you have at stake and unnecessary risk. After all, you depend on your security system to protect you, but neglecting to return the favor and give your security system the care it deserves could compromise the level of protection you should expect to receive. 

Every security system is unique. And the following signs and symptoms may not be common amongst all installations. 


Routine Service & Maintenance

The most significant sign that your system may not be working correctly is when a lot of time has passed since it was last serviced or maintained. Essential, routine maintenance can prevent failures from happening. The longer you’ve gone without a professional checking on your system, the more at risk you are. 


Undetected Intrusion

If you’ve experienced a breach in your security system, this is an indication that something isn’t working right and you should contact ProNet immediately. 


False Alarms

Local false alarm rates are estimated to be as high as 95% and they waste police and fire department resources. Because of this, fines and other penalties are levied which can become an unnecessary expense for you that’s completely avoidable. A straightforward way to decrease your chance of having false alarms is to establish routine systems testing and maintenance. A typical routine service will check for damaged circuits or wiring, low batteries, faulty equipment and any other miscellaneous out-of-the-ordinary issues. 


Beeping or Audible Alerts

Does your panel or other device beep, either intermittently or continuously? Audible alert issues could be as simple as a low battery or as complex as panel trouble. If any issues with the panel are presumed to be wrong, it’s best to have a ProNet team member perform a proper analysis.


Trouble Codes & Trouble Lights

If you see a trouble light or a trouble code on your alarm panel, those indicate something isn’t functioning correctly. When doors, windows or pieces of equipment are broken, it’s very obvious. But when a sensor, detector or a camera goes dead, it’s likely to go unnoticed. 


Software & Firmware Updates 

Regular updates are needed for a reason. Keeping up with system software and firmware updates decreases your vulnerabilities. New vulnerabilities are detected all the time, which causes new features and patches to be created to prevent cyberattacks. Some programs update automatically, but not all. Networking and bandwidth requirements should also be expected to change over time as new layers of components are updated, added or otherwise changed. 

When it comes to security systems, yours is only as strong as its weakest link. System failure could mean loss of business inventory, productivity and lost opportunities. Damage or theft at your facility is bad enough, but physical harm to an employee or occupant is much worse. 

Your system should evolve as time goes by and your business operations change. Routine maintenance makes the difference between preventative action and corrective action, and should consist of inspecting all system layers and individual components. 


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