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Access Control In Healthcare Facilities

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Novel challenges related to reducing the spread of the virus, monitoring patients, and establishing quarantine environments for infected persons have been brought about by the onset of COVID-19 in medical facilities nationwide. In today’s quickly evolving healthcare environment amid the pandemic, strategically heightened access control within healthcare facilities can work to increase the quality of security while maintaining an accessible environment centered on patient care.

Where Access Control Fits In

Establishing minimal user interaction to secure areas that they are authorized to enter is required for hospital employees. This requires a sound identity management and access control system that is efficient, reliable, and user-friendly. Hospital access points are incredibly complex in their vast array of locking and access needs all within one facility. 

Each access point’s specific needs can also change over time, which is especially true as medical facilities work to navigate treating infected patients. This means that access may need to be altered to accommodate quarantining patients and employees, disinfecting procedures, or the reduction of personnel in an area to maintain social distancing. Ensuring the integration of systems that meet these needs all while having the ability to interface with the facility’s overarching security system, should be a top priority. 

While monitoring access authorizations with the correct systems is one priority, hospital administrators need to also track critical medical assets such as testing equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE), medications, and other drugs, which can all be done by leveraging the access control recordkeeping capabilities of many available systems. 

Reducing Contact with Touchless Solutions

As waves of COVID-19 surged across the country and facilities adapted, contactless access control solutions are turning out to be a crucial part of nearly every facility’s access control measures so as to maintain a more safe, hygienic, and overall healthier environment. Frequent touchpoints, such as access keypads, can easily be replaced by touchless access control technology.

  • Bluetooth Readers:  The user simply waves the Bluetooth-enabled device in proximity to a touchless Bluetooth reader in order to gain entry.
  • Key Card or Fob Readers: Similar to a touchless Bluetooth solution, a user waves their badge or fob in proximity to a touchless reader in order to enter.
  • Touchless Biometrics: Retna scanning and facial recognition biometric access technology can provide touchless access to hospital access points with high-level security needs, such as the case with storing medical equipment or medications. Many of these systems are seeing the addition of thermal scanning sensors to measure elevated body temperatures. 
  • Automatic Door Control: When automatic doors are paired with an access control system, they can significantly diminish viral contagions transmission because they eliminate the contact with a door handle needed to open a door once unlocked.

Access Control for Contact Tracing

Patients, visitors, and hospital employees can be further protected when access control systems are leveraged as a means of proactive and reactive contact tracing. An access control system that interfaces intuitive recordkeeping and video surveillance can be used for accessing valuable information surrounding who enters and exits and when. Suppose an individual is found to be symptomatic of an illness. In that case, many systems can generate a record of every person who entered through that access point and can then be notified to receive further health screening or self-quarantine to protect others.

Why ProNet for Your Healthcare Security Needs?

Every healthcare facility has a unique array of complex access control needs. When working with ProNet Security Solutions, you’ll be working with experts who specialize in serving the healthcare industry and have a deep understanding of the demands associated with securing your facility so that you can focus on caring for patients during these uncertain times. 

Learn more about upgrading your healthcare facility’s access control solutions by calling ProNet today! 1-888-577-6832

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